Workout tailored to your needs

Boost your physical fitness
and awaken your hidden potential.

Personal trainer

Blaz Zupan

Personal trainer specialized in functional training and injury rehab

Helped 80+ individuals get out of pain & reach their best shape ever

Co-founder of Zup Sport

Always ready for new projects and challenges

Why me?

My mission is to lead people to their best physical and mental state. I have been helping all populations reach their goals throughout my career, from young to elderly and recreational to professional. I have helped over 80 people get rid of their pain and reach their best shape ever. I will help you as well if you'll let me.

The training will be personalized to you and your wishes:

Overcome and get rid of pain

Weight loss + muscle building


Sports career: Canoe slalom

I have always been interested in water and adrenalin sports. I had competed for 7 years on all levels of Canoe slalom competitions all around Europe. For 3 years, I was also a member of the Slovenian Canoe slalom national team and attended European and World Championships.

What I offer

Online coaching

Personal training

Group workout


Discover your potential

Training with me will get you in top shape. It is planned according to your lifestyle, current abilities and other factors that are important for long term success and safety.

Fat loss, muscle gain

Get your ideal body in a safe and healthy way, at a gym or remotely at home.

Get rid of pain

Get back on track after an injury or prevent an upcoming one.

Boost productivity in the office

Join workshops, take active breaks and manage stress.


TRAIN strength & fitness

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Personal training

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